Contracts Gateway


Track all your contracts and also get expiry notifications

Track all your contracts with third-party vendors, record the contract details and receive alerts on contract expiry with the help of the extensive Contract Management in Contracts Gateway.

One of the essential activities of IT Asset Management is to monitor contracts established with third-party vendors. The contracts come in many forms such as support contract, annual maintenance contract, hardware lease agreement and so on. Instead of tracking and managing such contracts using specialized software, RITEDESK Systems offers a Contract Management bundled with an extensive feature set.

The Contract Management let's you track contract details such as, the third-party vendor with whom the contract has been signed, the kind of support provided by the vendor and the assets that are covered under the contract. Apart from this, you can set notification to alert when a contract is about to expire, renew contracts and maintain any related documents as attachments to the contract.


  • Monitor and maintain your contracts in one place.
  • Keep a track of the contract vendors and their contact details.
  • Know which assets are covered in your contracts.
  • Set up e-mail notifications to renew contracts before expiry.
  • Include softcopies of actual contracts as attachments.
  • Query from a searchable database of contracts.


  • Contracts Gateway makes sure that you renew your contracts on time.
  • Easy access to detail about your vendors regarding assets and support

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