My Gateway


RITEDESK Systems Self-Service my-gateway software allows your emploees,customer,partners and supplier to update and use service-specific information, online via a browser,

Work from a Single Source of Truth
Drive your users through Self-Service
Empower users
Speed Processes with Workflow

RITEDESK iSupplier Gateway is the enterprise application that structures all supplier communication through a secure internet-based portal.

Phone calls, faxes, and e-mails with suppliers waste time, introduce errors, and create latency in your supply chain. RITEDESK iSupplier Gateway Portal, with its powerful platform for online collaboration, enables you and your suppliers to become more efficient. Suppliers access the latest information, including purchase orders, delivery information, and payment status. The rich two-way collaboration enables suppliers to submit change requests, ship notices, payments, and profile data. Now you can gain better service, reduce processing costs, and get relief from costly supplier inquiries. The bottom line is that your buying organization has time to focus on what really matters-getting more savings.

RITEDESK iHR Gateway allows your employeee to update and use employee-specific information, online via a browser, that is personalized to an individual's role, experience, work content, language, and information needs. By allowing managers and employees to access and manage information and transactions in a paperless environment, you can streamline business processes, decrease costs, and improve service. With managers and employees empowered to update and maintain their own information, HR professionals can now move from being transaction processors to being consultative partners.

RITEDESK iSupport Gateway enables you to provide a secure, self-service web portal that delivers self-service functionality to customers and employees 24/7. Its sophisticated knowledge management system provides the information needed to solve problems, manage product configurations, and track orders, payments, shipments, returns, and contracts. The result: you improve customer satisfaction while driving down service costs.