Property Gateway

RITEDESK Property Gateway is part of the RITEDESK Suite of gateway solution. It provides you with tools to manage real estate tasks, such as property administration, space allocation, and most importantly, lease management.

Landlords as well as tenants can use Property Gateway to manage lease clause information and critical real estate dates and milestones for property leases and space administration. This dual perspective enables Property Gateway to address the needs of corporate real estate management, commercial property management, retail or franchise operations, and investment real estate companies (such as real estate investment trusts) and to manage their real estate portfolios efficiently

Lease Administration

Lease management is at the center of the real estate management function. With Property Gateway, you can control and oversee a variety of lease management tasks:

Property Portfolio Management
You can use Property Gateway to identify, define, and manage owned and leased property, keep records of physical features and facilities, and maintain comprehensive records of property-related data :

Space Management
Whether your role is that of a landlord or a tenant, you must manage space efficiently. Property Gateway helps your organization ensure that
Each employee or customer is assigned the appropriate space.
All available space is assigned in the most effective manner possible.

Property Gateway is web-based property management software that enables managers of residential and association properties to take complete control of every aspect of their business, including the rent, vacancy, and maintenance cycles.

RITEDESK System's  Property Gateway streamlines management of the rent cycle with key features such as tenant and lease tracking, full general ledger accounting, automated rent and late fee reminders, and on-demand reports. Additionally, rent collection can be automated; property managers can receive online payments via Property Gateway’s tenant portal. 

Efficient management of the vacancy cycle begins with syndicating vacancies to Property Gateway’s listing partners. When applicants fill out RITEDESK System's  Property Gateway customizable online rental applications, the information is saved instantly to the System's  Property Gateway tenant database. RITEDESK System also offers online tenant screening services for running background checks.

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