Service Gateway

 Radically designed to set a new standard for IT services  on-premises or in the cloud

Ritedesk Systems Service Gateway, now with Smart IT, revolutionizes enterprise services . Delivered on-premises or in the cloud, Ritedesk Systems is a configurable and extensible platform radically redesigned to meet the needs of any transformative IT organization.

  • Increase value with complete, integrated Shared Service Solutions from a single vendor
  • Increase value with complete, integrated HR Services
  • Increase value with complete, integrated Security Services
  • Compete more effectively with adaptive automation of any business service
  • Deliver a friction-free user experience with intuitive Ritedesk with Smart IT
  • Ensure rapid, risk-free service delivery with built-in best practices in a proven platform
  • Anticipate IT operations needs from data-driven insights
  • Reduce implementation and administration requirements with cloud-based Service OnDemand

Transformation starts with a smarter service Gateway. See what Ritedesk Systems with Smart IT can do.
Ritedesk Systems with Smart IT sets a new standard for how the industry will deliver and support services, and finally enables IT to become a strategic business partner

Everything you need for comprehensive, enterprise-ready IT service management
Easier to use, faster to deploy, and packed with the latest innovations in service management, Ritedesk Systems Service Management and Ritedesk Systems OnDemand are the most complete and capable IT service management for your enterprise.

Adaptive automation
Extend support beyond traditional ITSM with a highly extensible platform that integrates seamlessly with a greater IT operations management environment.

Friction-free user experience
Ritedesk with Smart IT provides streamlined service delivery for Ritedesk users, and combines with i-Gateway to deliver an amazing user experience to both sides of the service desk.

Rapid, risk-free service delivery
Automate, analyze, and configure every business service to minimize risk to the enterprise.

Increased business agility
Flexible deployment options let you operate Ritedesk ITSM on premises or Ritedesk OnDemand in the cloud, with unparalleled bi-directional portability.

Lower TCO with out-of-box integration
Save money, manage risks, and optimize worklfows with fully integrated ITSM and ITOM solutions from a single vendor.

Improved employee productivity
Easy-to-learn, consumer-style tools allow teams to engage, collaborate, and expand their knowledge base to solve issues faster.

Data-driven insights
Dashboards and reports give real-time performance statistics to understand service trends and provide better business support.


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